• Reducing Catheter Dependency

    What is HeRO Graft?

    The HeRO Graft is a hemodialysis access graft for patients who are failing fistulas or grafts or are catheter-dependent due to the blockage of veins leading to the heart.

    Quality of Life

    Compared to catheters, HeRO Graft has:
    • 69% fewer infections1
    • 16% to 32% improved dialysis clearance of toxins and fluids (Kt/V)1
    • Less than half the interventions to keep access functioning1
    • Patency rates comparable to AVG2

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HeRO Graft

Healthcare Professionals

Bypass Central Venous Stenosis

HeRO Graft is the only graft designed to bypass central venous stenosis for patients who are failing fistulas or grafts or are catheter-dependent.

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Compared to catheters, the HeRO Graft has
  • 23% average savings per year3
  • Lower interventions and associated costs by more than 50%1,2

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More Options

“The HeRO Graft was kind of a relief to have available as an option, because I didn’t have many options left.”
– Kaaren

More Patient Testimonials

Kay and Katie: A Patient's Story of Receiving HeRO Graft


Before the HeRO Graft, Kay was always struggling with her catheter. It would get tugged, sleeping was difficult, it hurt to replace, and it once fell out. Over time, the dialysis catheter began to fail due to clotting.

Kay calls HeRO Graft her lifeline. She can get out more often, do more, and shower whenever she wants. The HeRO graft has even improved her numbers and dialysis times.

More Patient Testimonials
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